Why choose TREYST?

During these turbulent economic times companies are being challenged to relocate or outsource segments of their supply chain.
Especially in today’s global Supply Chain and Manufacturing environment, where pressure for cost-reduction & product innovation are leading enterprises into unfamiliar markets; spreading their operations beyond familiar territory.
Companies which do not adapt their business model to new realities are losing competiveness and facing challenges to sustain. On the contrary, engaging in a fragmented environment results in an increased complexity of managing and controlling financial risks. Small and mid-size companies are especially affected, as they lack the resources to leverage and execute activities with a global footprint as multi-national companies can.


We help to improve our client’s operational performances by leveraging our expertise & experience in: designing, utilizing, and managing supply chain and manufacturing in Asia.
On beyond of the Client, TREYST effectively manages local manufacturing, outsourcing partners and suppliers on the ground in Asia, so as to fully utilize cost advantages.


TREYST creates actionable solutions and provides sustaining performance for our Clients in any outsourced supply chain operation. We historically achieve double-digit-% savings during our projects e.g. New-product-introduction project with time-to-market within 6months, 50% faster than the 1year offered by European based competitors.


TREYST possesses the expertise, knowledge and talent pool to bring you performance, Co-operation with TREYST is an effective way of deploying your own resources and reducing expenditure on: overhead, investments, management capacity, legal compliance, learning curve, and so on.

TREYST will:
- Realize Costs savings with your own operation team in Asia or improve an existing supply chain and/or operation.
- Increase operational performance with innovative & tested concepts of manufacturing and supply chain management.
- Reduce complexities and risks when dealing in Asia.
- Create value with our strategic planning advise.
- Ensure your project is our main focus.