We are problem solvers with a hands-on, get-it-done attitude. We are enthusiastic about creating new value for Clients and their companies.
Few companies can bridge the disciplines of supply chain, manufacturing & operations paired with the insights of the Asian environment. Our track record in serving our clients demonstrates TREYST is one of them.


TREYST is a team of operating professionals who have extensive experience on both OEM/ODM (Startup- to Global) and the manufacturing service side (EMS).
We understand the challenges you will face and have lived through all of the mistakes and missteps that may occur in the area of outsourced manufacturing in Asia; we are the partner you are looking for.

As for distinct product or process, we and our associates will share our special knowledge to ensure you stay ahead. Accumulated experience and expertise are cornerstones of the TREYST foundation of best practices.


TREYST helps small and mid-size technology product companies make successful use of Asia‘s Marketplace and its unique resources in a Full Supply-Chain Solution.
TREYST was founded in 2012 and is head-quartered in Hong Kong.

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